Sunday, July 24, 2011

We love quitters!

By TravelGuy:
Ever been hypnotized?  Many of us are under self-hypnosis every day when we drive somewhere (to work, for example) and don't even remember how we got there.  We were in a state of self-hypnosis.  If you want to read more about this, read on...

Some people don’t like hypnotherapy because they think they will lose control or be forced to cluck like a chicken the rest of their life.  Hypnotherapy is much different than hypnosis for entertainment, but either way, you can’t be hypnotized unless you want to be.  If you sit down and say, “I won’t be hypnotized, I won’t be hypnotized, I won’t be hypnotized…”.  Guess what? You won’t be hypnotized. 

Like everything, hypnotherapy is a tool and its effectiveness will be directly proportional to how you use it.  Hypnotherapy has helped folks in several ways, some of which are:  Weight loss, regaining focus, overcoming phobias, and of course, quitting smoking. 

I had been thinking about creating a unique cruise that would also help people in some way.  With all of the accessible food on a ship, weight loss didn’t seem to be the right fit.  After talking it over with my hypnotherapist, Laura Kohn, we agreed that quitting smoking would be perfect.  A cruise is ideal for hypnotherapy because the subject is already in a relaxed environment while being on vacation, and while there are places to smoke on the ship, new regulations by cruise lines have made smoking more and more difficult for smokers. 

Together with Laura Kohn, I've created a Quit Smoking at Sea cruise sailing on January 8th, 2012 for 7 nights on the Norwegian Pearl from Miami to the Western Caribbean.  Cruise fare includes two group hypnotherapy sessions with Laura Kohn ( as well as a $50 spa credit per cabin.  Plus, I'll be making a donation to the American Cancer Society for each cabin booked.  Want to start out 2012 the right way?  Kick the habit!