Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sunshine on Earth Day -- It's what I'm craving!

From TravelGirl --

Do you ever have those days where you just daydream of sunshine and sandy beaches, and maybe kicking off your flip flops to let the waves grab them? Or, bellying up to the swim-up bar to order the perfect, refreshing foo-foo drink with an umbrella and plastic monkey? Well, I’m having one of those days! We had such nice weather – ok, 70 is NICE for Seattle – the past 3 days, and now we’re back to the rain. I’m one of those people driven by the blue sky and sunshine, and totally perform better at everything when I can soak in some natural Vitamin D.

Ha! Now that I say that, a sliver of blue just snuck out! I think I need to venture outside and see if I can get a glimpse of it before it goes away. Happy spring. Happy Earth Day. What will you do today to celebrate Earth Day? If you ARE in the sun, how about using a biodegradable sunscreen? Or, how about something simple like working by daylight today? Keep the flourescents off! Instead of your usual latte order in a paper cup, how about you bring a coffee mug with you to your favorite cafe? Save a tree, save our environment, save the earth. Cherish it.

Wherever you are, enjoy whatever weather you are having, but deep inside I hope you are in sunshine, slathered with your biodegradable sunscreen, drinking your cocktail from a bottomless/reusable glass, and loving every minute of it.

We’ll be in Playa del Carmen in 10 days and will give you a full report so we can all feel like we were there together! (Villa rentals in Mexico are super inexpensive right now, so if you want to experience the Riviera Maya too, give TravelGuy a call. You'll be happier and more tan because of it.)

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