Sunday, May 3, 2009

Free Drinks at Happy Hour!

Greetings from Playa Del Carmen!

We decided to spend our first full day just relaxing at the resort in the chaise lounges and enjoying the scenery. Nothing creates smiles more than sun, surf, sand and free alcohol for TravelGuy and TravelGirl. The “Welcome Home” party at the Royal Haciendas is one of the few times when we’ll be offered free alcohol during our stay. Beer? Si. Rum & Coke? Si. Non-alcoholic beverages? Si… but not for me. One full hour of open bar with middle-aged folks being goofy as all get out, cuz there ain’t no party like a Royal Resorts party. Limbo contests, musical chairs, water balloon toss and of course, the often imitated, but never duplicated “Protect your balloon, but stomp all of your enemies’ balloons” game. Good times for one and all, especially if you enjoy laying back and watching the shenanigans.

We had forgotten how large and reasonably priced the on-site grocery stores are at the Royal Resorts. The prices are lower than a 7-Eleven and in many cases lower than your typical Safeway (one liter of mango nectar is $1.69, for example).

What I learned today: The great thing about falling asleep while listening to your MP3 player is that you can figure out how long you were asleep by back-peddling through the songs you don’t remember.

Today we also learned that among Royal Resorts’ five resorts in the Yucatan, they only have 2000 guests this week. That means we’re probably under 10% occupancy in our specific resort (yes you read that correctly). That gives you a glimpse into the VIP treatment we’re receiving (despite the fact that Tara thinks she’s a public figure and the reason for her VIP treatment). We didn’t get out to the sand until about 11:30am and we had our pick of palapas. Traveling to Mexico right now is akin to flying after 9/11; it’s the best time to be in Mexico, especially if you don’t like crowds.

As the sun prepares to set in the next hour, I relish the smell of the flowers outside my balcony as I take my second nap of the day.

Until tomorrow…

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