Sunday, November 8, 2009

Aruba remembered

By TravelGirl:

Having returned from Aruba almost three weeks ago, we thought it was about time we updated the blog with some final thoughts on our travels to this beautiful and serene island. After all, we spent nearly two weeks traveling to, enjoying, and traveling home from the southern Caribbean.

Our visit not only included the fantastic eats at The Dutch Pancakehouse (and by the way, we have since learned to cook poffertjes at home!), the colorful snorkeling in and around the off-shore reefs, the CRAZY Kuku Kanuku paranda bus, the BEST all-around fare at Que Pasa, the Indian cave drawings at Arikok National Park, a visit to the aloe fields, genuine hospitality from the locals, and the crystal clear waters surrounding the island, but the island also presented us with magical gifts that we won't soon forget.

As most of our days were spent with a mixture of sunning, exploration to all parts of the island, inquisitive conversations with locals, sampling a variety of specialty foods and beverages, and truly living life like it was meant to be lived, every evening bestowed the most humbling sunsets ever imagined. Specifically, Arashi Beach -- Its lack of facilities generally keeps most tourists away from exploring this wonderland, yet the unspoiled nature of the area delivered a calmness and appreciation not found on other areas of the island. Its picturesque beauty is truly a vision plastered in my memory as an imprint of a place that I will forever remember. It's amazing how a sunset on a quiet beach can be so powerful, isn't it?

When we travel, we create memories and experiences that each of us holds in a different way. TravelGuy and I have found a way to live our dreams through travel. After all, life is short and each year seems to pass by quicker than the last. We can't get that time back, but we can look forward to what's next.

What's keeping you from living your dreams?

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